Dr. Vicky Arcadi and Jackie Padgette-Baird

Dr. Vicky Arcadi

Dr. Vicky Arcadi has been a licensed chiropractor for over 20 years. She had little idea, when she decided to become a Doctor of Chiropractic, that she would become one of the most decorated, revered and ground breaking practitioners in the world.

Since starting her practice in 1984, the pioneering Dr. Vicky (as she's known to her patients) has dedicated her personal and professional life to bringing health and hope to everyone in the family, including a group that previously received little attention from the chiropractic community: pregnant women. Before Dr. Arcadi, pregnant women were considered too delicate and too risky to be managed by chiropractors. Although now they're considered commonplace, Arcadi broke new ground with her first controversial and courageous studies and subsequent care. Arcadi went on to co-author a book with the famed and beloved Dr. Lendon Smith, who is known to millions of households as "The Baby Doctor". Arcadi has done numerous studies with children.

Dr. Arcadi has become known as "The Doctor of Last Resort" because, to her, no case is hopeless. Desperate women, mothers, and even other doctors, search her out for her assistance and insight with their most hopeless cases. Her results with those cases were,and are, astonishing.

Today, Arcadi's mission remains one of bringing health and hope to all, including pregnant women and their young babies through education and nutrition, the building blocks of health.

She has earned the Diplomat degree in Pregnancy and Pediatrics, one of the highest certifications possible and she continues to manage pregnant women and infants with genetic and other incurable diseases.

Jackie Padgette-Baird

Jackie Padgette-Baird has been Dr. Vicky's assistant for over 20 years and partner in research with the Glyconutrients for the last 17 years. Jackie had an incredible life as a professional guitar player, singer and writer until her children were born and to be a mother was her most important job of her life. Unfortunately, she is a 2 time widow now and has 3 children with her first husband.  But Jackie has learned to move onward and upward, showing her kids how to be strong and stay positive.

One of Jackie's jobs in Dr. Vicky's practice was to sift through all the different nutritional companies and nutritional products that came past Dr. Vicky's desk. There were literally hundreds every month. She would then pick out the most dynamic products, based on science, for Dr. Vicky to research. As her father was the first bio-analyst and pathologist of the State of California and famous for discovering the use of African Frogs for pregnancy tests, Jackie was raised with nutritional awareness from early childhood. You will hear Jackie and Dr. Vicky from time to time hosting conference calls many times lecturing around the country and the world. Her experience with Glyconutritionals, Phytochemicals, Antioxidants, Omegas and Phytogennins along with other nutritional products has been extensive to say the least.

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